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2008 Prada LG Link SmartWatch

2008 Prada LG Link SmartWatch

In 2008 Prada launched their second generation mobile phone with LG, the ‘Prada II’, featuring an improved 5-megapixel camera, a larger screen and a slide-out keyboard. However, this time Prada were keen to expand further into the market of wearable electronics, so the phone was launched alongside the Prada Link smart watch. The watch connects to the phone via bluetooth and had the capability to display caller ID, full text messages and event reminders. It features a 0.9-inch 120 x 56 OLED display, battery with a life of 48hrs standby (at the time) and a signature Prada leather strap. There is also a world time setting and multiple different time displays on the home screen. 

Although technology has advanced much further since this was released, it’s still very interesting to see a luxury fashion house try to capitalise on this very early on. The watch may not be any match for an Apple Watch but it still works perfectly as a digital timepiece and fits very comfortable on the wrist.

Condition is like new with original box, charger and papers. 

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