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Oakley OverTheTop - FMJ/Fire Iridium

Oakley OverTheTop - FMJ/Fire Iridium

In 1984, Oakley made their move into the eyewear market which they eventually completely revolutionised with their unique designs. The ‘Jacket’ family of sunglasses by Oakley, starting with the ‘Eye Jacket’ in 1994, aimed to produce frames that fit the face like clothing fits the body. Their popularity propelled the brand forward through the 1990s. However, the turn of the millennium signified a new era of ‘Mad Science’ design, encapsulated by the launch of Oakley’s most iconic frames: Over The Top (OTT). Oakley founder Jim Jannard explained the inspiration behind the OTT came from being “on an island and discarding everything we knew. This is what we came up with.” Peter Yee, designer of some of Oakley’s most famous products, offered an insight into the design process of the OTT: “OTT is an example of how Oakley innovatively solve problems with unique and brave solutions. OTT gets its aesthetic inspiration from the Time Bomb watch and Pro M Frame. It fits surprisingly well by circumnavigating the ears and going over the top of the head. This is accomplished because the shape of it, as we mapped out, is more of a typical skull shape and not round”. 

Oakley launched the OTT at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, when Sprinters Ato Boldon & Niconner Alexander stepped onto the world stage wearing a pair for the Men’s 4×100m Semi-Final Track and Field event. The public reaction was mixed but the ground-breaking design ensured it was an instant cult classic, featuring more in sports and pop culture during its initial run until 2004. They were a big favourite amongst sports personalities such as Swedish Pro Golfer Jarmo Sandelin and WWE superstar Christian of E&C. Cyclists David Millar and Frank Schleck both competed in them and Rapper Flavor Flav of Public Enemy performed in them. The OTT even made appearances on-screen when Oakley gifted several pairs to be used in Spiderman (2002), on Arnold in Spy Kids 3 and in Blade II. It is easy to see how and why such a disruptive and unique design has remained so iconic, over 20 years after launching.

Overall good condition with some very minor signs of wear and age.

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