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Oakley Nail Boot

Oakley Nail Boot

Oakley was founded in 1975 by avid motocross fan Jim Jannard who named the brand after his pet dog ‘Oakley Anne’. He started out by producing motorcycle grips constructed from ‘Unobtainium’, a unique rubber material that he had created which offered a far better grip in wet conditions. It wasn’t until 1984 that Oakley made their move into the eyewear market, which they would go on to completely revolutionise. Oakley expanded into the footwear market at the turn of the millennium, utilising their design expertise to develop and release products that embodied their love for experimentation through the use of unique materials, shapes and sole units, allowing them to produce shoes that were way ahead of their time.

The Oakley Nail boot is constructed from urethane-armoured leather and triple-cord nylon seaming (50% stronger than industry standards) and integrates traction control, moisture management and refined
ergonomics to create a high-quality multi-terrain shoe. The brand describes the Nail boot as “an instrument of off-road abuse, it carves terrain with a broadened
forefoot for enhanced stability and specialized contact zones for skid stopping and traction climbing”. One of the my favourite features of all Oakley footwear from the 2000s are the very unique sole units that incorporate the Oakley ‘O’ logo into unique traction patterns. It is easy to see how Oakley’s range of footwear has served as inspiration to modern companies with the increasing popularity of bulkier footwear in today’s trends. 

Good condition with some minor signs of wear.

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