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Oakley Medusa Helmet 2002

Oakley Medusa Helmet 2002

By the end of the 1990s, Oakley had revolutionised the eyewear market with their unique approach to design which helped establish Oakley as a market leader of innovation. However, the turn of the millennium signified a new era of ‘Mad Science’ design, encapsulated by the launch of Oakley’s wildest & most iconic piece of all time: The Medusa. Founder Jim Jannard had always believed in and pushed for a disruptive design approach and very few pieces were as disruptive to conventional design as the Medusa. The earliest prototype was spotted on Jim Jannard at a nascar event in the 2000s and has never been seen since. 

First released in 2002, the helmet is constructed from dark brown leather with contrast stitch detailing that secures the thick tubes, or ‘hair’, to the helmet, resembling Medusa’s snake hair from Greek mythology. The goggles, which also feature on the ‘Mad Scientist’ logo, match the construction of the helmet with highly impact resistant plutonite lenses and padding throughout for comfort. The full set can actually be used for sport application, for those that wish to stand out (may not provide as much protection as a standard helmet though). 

I believe that the creation of such an unconventional product is simply the result of having a founder that is passionate about breaking the mould and a design team that had absolute freedom to let their creativity flow. Oakley were fully aware that the Medusa would not appeal to most people, but saw no point in shying away from creating pieces like this one. For me, The Medusa is Oakley’s magnum opus and can be seen as an artefact from the history of a brand that was once a pioneer of disruptive design. Amazingly, the Medusa is also a national icon in Brazil. where Oakley is deep-rooted in music culture and enthusiasts gather at trance music festivals in full Oakley gear, forming a sea of Medusa helmets, X-Metal sunglasses and tactical field gear vests across the crowd. 20 years after its release, there is still no accessory by any market-leading brand that is as unique and eye-catching as this one.


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