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Oakley GMT Watch

Oakley GMT Watch

Oakley approached the millennium by transferring their technical expertise over to the Watch market. The iconic ‘Timebomb’ (1998) was a great showcase of Oakley’s obscure design ethos and showed how they could apply their unique ‘mad science’ design language to something as classic as a timepiece. The timebomb was an instant hit, leading to several other Watch models being developed from 2000 onwards, which futher cemented Oakley’s position as a leader of innovation.

The Oakley GMT wristwatch combines the precision of quartz calibration with an intuitive design that navigates time around the globe. A simple adjustment of the World City hand is all that’s needed for local time to display automatically. Dual alarm modes are set with the ease of specialized controls and a dedicated alarm dial face. A pure sapphire crystal is treated with anti-reflective coating and sealed over the high-contrast display. Engineered with the ergonomics of a spinal column, the highest grade of surgical stainless steel is crafted into stout links of solid metal. The digitally rendered geometry curls around your wrist for maximized comfort and fit. To summarise, Oakley “took the best of the digital world, gave it an analog face and a steel backbone, then let it roam 24 time zones”. It is easily one of the most unique timepieces made by Oakley and a personal favourite of mine.

Good overall condition, all functions working and fresh battery fitted - some minor signs of wear. Comes with original box and links.

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