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Oakley Factory Team Flesh 2022 Black Ostrich

Oakley Factory Team Flesh 2022 Black Ostrich

In 1984, Oakley made their move into the eyewear market, which they would go on to completely revolutionise with unique designs and ground-breaking innovations. They then expanded into the footwear market at the turn of the millenium, utilising their design expertise to develop and release products that embodied their love for experimentation through the use of unique materials, shapes and sole units. This allowed them to produce shoes that were way ahead of their time. One of my favourite features of all Oakley footwear from the 2000s are the very unique sole units that incorporate the Oakley ‘O’ icon into unique traction patterns. It is easy to see how Oakley’s range of footwear has served as inspiration to modern companies with the increasing popularity of bulkier footwear in today’s trends.

The Flesh model is part of the original lineup of Oakley footwear first released in 2000. Oakley stated that the Flesh model was “A second skin of sheer innovation. It combines the performance of a sandal with the comfort of a slipper by jacketing the foot in a soft cloak of leather and Aeroprene. Designed as an extension of the human form, it improves on nature with moisture management and shock absorption”. The Flesh Sandal follows a similar design structure as the standard Flesh but with a reworked upper that incorporates more lightweight breathable mesh and cutouts in the Aeroprene and toe box, offering similar comfort and performance to a sandal with the reinforcement of Oakley’s footwear technology. Both models feature the 9 iconic traction pods on the sole. This pair is part of the 2022 re-release under Oakley’s collaborative label with Braindead: Factory Team Project. 

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