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Oakley Eye Jacket Electric Mustard/Black Iridium

Oakley Eye Jacket Electric Mustard/Black Iridium

In 1984, Oakley made their move into the eyewear market, which they would go on to completely revolutionise with ground-breaking designs. The ‘Jacket’ family of sunglasses by Oakley, starting with the ‘Eye Jacket’ in 1994, aimed to produce frames that fit the face like clothing fits the body. The popularity of this range propelled the brand forward and solidified their position as a leader of innovation. Peter Yee ( @peteryeedesign ), the man behind the design of Oakley’s most famous products, offered a brilliant insight into the design process of this pair: “it was the first frame done completely on the computer, after some hand drawings. It was the first time an integrated hinge was used, allowing for an interesting hinge line that helped the stem lock into place when open and form a sturdy structure. This frame also represents the first time the new design language i developed was used, which utilised accelerating curves and continuous curvature form”.

The Eye Jacket is constructed from Oakley’s signature O-Matter material and offers Oakley's XYZ Optics that eradicates distortion from your field of view, improved peripheral vision and provides a solid barrier for the eyes. There are few immediate differences between the Gen 1 pairs released from 1994-1996 and Gen 2 pairs from ‘96 onwards, with the main difference being the original square hinge and raised Oakley icon on the Gen 1 pairs. The Eye Jackets were undoubtedly one of the most popular sunglasses of the ‘90s, being seen on celebrities and sports personalities across the globe, including basketball superstars Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman & Kobe Bryant, tennis star Andre Agassi, world-famous musicians Willie Nelson and Michael Jackson and an endless list of others. The legacy of the Eye Jacket remains as strong as ever today, almost 30 years after their creation.

Great condition with some minor signs of wear.

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