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Oakley Crush 2.5 Mother of Pearl

Oakley Crush 2.5 Mother of Pearl

Oakley approached the millennium by transferring their technical expertise over to the Watch market. The iconic ‘Timebomb’ (1998) was a great showcase of Oakley’s obscure design ethos and showed how they could apply their unique ‘mad science’ design language to something as classic as a timepiece. The timebomb was an instant hit, leading to several other Watch models being developed from 2000 onwards, which futher cemented Oakley’s position as a leader of innovation.

2001 Oakley ‘Crush’ Watch (Silver/Blue). Developed from impacting stainless steel with ‘crushing force’ to create the monolithic casing, secured with an unobtainium band for comfort. Features unique structural contours which are believed to take inspiration from the famous Cartier ‘Crash’ watch. The Crush 2.0/2.5 is a second variation of the Crush watch with sharper design lines in a much smaller and lighter form.

good condition with some light signs of wear - no box, new battery.

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