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GOODENOUGH (GDEH) Magnetic Stealth Jacket

GOODENOUGH (GDEH) Magnetic Stealth Jacket

GOODENOUGH was conceived in 1990 when Hiroshi Fujiwara and SK8THING discussed the idea of creating their own graphic print t-shirts. The popularity of these t-shirts, with the designs drawing from all aspects of pop culture, essentially kickstarted the Ura-Hara movement and allowed for young designers Nigo and Jun Takahashi to move forward and gain cult status with their brands, Bape & Undercover, and the NOWHERE boutique in 1993. By 1995, GDEH had become so popular that Fujiwara stopped production and downsized stockists in order to preserve the value of the brand, displaying an understanding and insight into the importance of avoiding oversaturation very early on. The brand returned with Hiroshi opening the doors to work with friends and several brands through the years. This would everntuslly lead to him becoming a master of collaboration, shaping the scene with his several sub-brands and projects and continuing GDEH until shutting down production for good in 2017.

This particular piece is from the 2000s and would most likely have been designed after his work with Burton Analog & Acronym on the Analog ‘Q’ Jacket. It has a lightweight nylon construction with soft fleece lining. The main feature is the selection of storage options concealed by 2 stealth covers, and secured via rows of magnets. There are 2 large pockets on the right side and smaller tailored pockets on the left, with a mesh compartment on the inside of the left cover.

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